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Public Call for Fellowships: One Year Scholarships program for PhD International Students (Sandwich) – Second cycle – 2019/2020

The Israeli Council for Higher Education (CHE) has announced the opening of a second cycle for the One Year Scholarships Program for International PhD Students ("Sandwich" Program). This program is intended for international PhD Students coming to Israel for one year, in the framework of their doctoral program abroad.
The aim of the program is to attract outstanding international students to Israel and to strengthen international research connections between scholars and research teams in Israel and abroad. The Program has started in the academic year 2018/2019 and will start its second cycle in 2019/2020.
Each year, up to 40 new scholarships will be awarded by the special committee nominated by the chairman of the PBC (Planning and Budgeting Committee), and up to 5 scholarships should be allocated to the University of Haifa.
Recipients will be chosen according to academic excellence criteria.

Amount of the scholarship:

Selected scholars will receive a scholarship of 80,000 NIS per year. If the scholar comes for a period for less than one year, the amount of the scholarship will be proportional to the amount of time the student will study in Israel. Doctoral students coming to Israel for a period of less than three months are not eligible for a scholarship.
a. Candidates must be studying for a PhD in a university outside of Israel.
The program is open to PhD students from all countries (outside of Israel) and for all research fields
b. Candidates must have completed successfully their first year of doctoral studies
c. The scholarships are designed only for students who are not Israeli citizens or Israeli residents.

Candidates are required to submit the following documents:

1. A detailed Curriculum Vitae, including mention of your final Bachelor's and Master's degree grade, as well as your Master's thesis grade (please make sure to point out in your CV whether the degrees were obtained cum laude, summa cum laude, and to mention prizes obtained in the course of your studies, supported by official documents). Please include in your candidacy file a copy
of your current PhD transcript, final grade transcripts for Bachelor's and Master's degrees with final cumulative grade point average and final Master's thesis grade, Bachelor's and Master's degree diplomas.
2. A list of publications (if relevant)
3. An abstract of the submitted research proposal, including topic and its importance, its sources and contribution to the field of research (3-5 pages)
4. Three detailed recommendation letters including: (1) a recommendation from the Master's degree supervisor; (2) a recommendation from the PhD supervisor; (3) a recommendation letter from an academic staff member acquainted to the candidate. Recommendations should include information about the research field, its scientific importance, its sources and the innovation, as well as information about the academic achievements of the candidate. *Please pay attention to the fact that the content of those letters of recommendations are of high importance in the candidacy file, and have a strong impact on the awarding committee's decision.
5. A scanned copy of your passport (the page with the candidate's details and picture)

Please forward all application files by email, no later than Sunday, September 8th 2019 to the Graduate Studies Authority, 25th floor, room 2504 (to the attention of Ms. Muriel Burg,
Please take into consideration that there will be no further extension to the deadline.


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