The “Michael Werner” PhD prize


CIERA awards a PhD prize to honour PhD work in university research related to the German-speaking world.


CIERA awards its Michael Werner Prize every two years. PhDs written in French and drawn from all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, in connection with the German-speaking sphere, are eligible.

The prize takes the form of a publication of the award-winning PhD in the Dialogiques collection of CIERA in the Bibliothèque allemande des Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme. The composition, publishing and promotional costs of the book are fully covered by the publisher and by CIERA. The latter is responsible for follow-up with the author to transform the PhD into a book for publication.

The Michael Werner Prize is incompatible with any other prize for the publication of a PhD, and obtaining another prize obliges candidates to withdraw from the competition.

Candidates undertake to carry out the work of transforming their PhD into a book within a reasonable deadline.

Winner of the Michael Werner Prize 2023

The winner of the 2023 Michael Werner Prize is Margot Lyautey, PhD graduate in history from the EHESS and Universität Tübingen for her PhD on “Apprendre de l'occupant ? Modernisation de l'agriculture française entre 1940 et 1944 : acteurs, influences, potentialités’”, supervised by Christophe Bonneuil and Johannes Großmann.

Previous prize-winners.

2021 Gwendoline Cicottini for her PhD: Relations interdites, enfants oubliés ? Les relations entre femmes allemandes et prisonniers de guerre français pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale

2019 Hadrien Clouet for his PhD on: Part-time work offices. Temporal transactions in the German and French public employment services.

2017 Martin Baloge for his PhD on: Untangling the skein of political representation. Wealth taxes in France’s National Assembly and the Bundestag.

2013 Karim Fertikh for his PhD on: The Bad Godesberg Congress: a contribution to a social history of political programmes.

2011 Ayse Yuva for her PhD on: The effectiveness of philosophy in times of revolution: principles of government, education and public opinion in France and Germany (1794-1815).


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