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CIERA proposes a set of activities to help you to enhance your research work within the scientific community, as well as with students and the general public. The Centre contributes to the publication of reviews, articles and books. It also participates in the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public on social networks and through its series of videos.


  • The journal Trajectoires for young researchers: is open to young researchers enrolled in CIERA who wish to publish the results of an interdisciplinary and Franco-German event, a summary of a PhD or an article.
  • The Dialogiques collection is published in the “Bibliothèque allemande” collection of the éditions Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme. It hosts books devoted to German and Franco-German issues.
  • The Michael Werner PhD prize is awarded every two years to young PhD students enrolled in CIERA. Prize-winning PhDs are published in the Dialogiques collection.
  • Les carnets de recherche du CIERA (The CIERA Research Notebooks). This blog is the ideal platform for publishing the proceedings of the events supported by the CIERA.
  • Germano-Fil and Franco-Fil. These two blogs are organised jointly with the German Historical Institute, and host feedback on documentary research in France and Germany. The Germano-Fil blog is open to your testimonies!
  • Instantanés (or snapshots) is a series of videos for and by community members that showcase their work outside of the usual venues and to a wider audience.

CIERA is also present on social networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to highlight news from the members of its community. Follow us and share!

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