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CIERA strives to promote the work of researchers active in its network, by offering them the opportunity to write for various scientific publications as well as disseminate their work to a wider audience through short videos.

Our publication tools

  • The journal Trajectoires is open to all young scholar’s contributions. Its aim is to create a stimulating and firmly cross-disciplinary look at the German-speaking world.

  • The Dialogiques book series is part of the "Bibliothèque allemande" collection at the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme’s publishing house. It publishes monographs and collective works on German and Franco-German fields of study.

  • The Les carnets de recherche du CIERA blog is the ideal platform to publish grey literature such as summaries, addresses and articles.

  • Germano-Fil and Franco-fil blogs by CIERA and the Institut historique allemand de Paris deal with methodological questions concerning documentary research in humanities and social sciences.

  • Instantanés is a video series made for and by our members. It allows scholars from our network to disseminate their work to a larger audience.

CIERA is active on various social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on which it shares news of the franco-german research community. Follow us!

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