Parliamentary Elections in Germany Campaigning, Voting, Electing

IMPORTANT : Ce programme est réservé aux jeunes chercheur.e.s associé.e.s à un des centres d'études allemandes et européennes du DAAD. Les doctorant.e.s inscrit.e.s au CIERA sont, à ce titre, chaleureusement invité.e.s à soumettre leur candidature en mettant Nathalie Faure en copie (


Dr. Ayelet Banai & Julia Papushado & Katharina Konarek,
Haifa Center for German and European Studies (HCGES, University of Haifa)


2021 is a busy election year for Germany, a so called “Superwahljahr” (Super Election Year): six “Länder” are voting on new governments, in addition to the federal elections in September, which will see chancellor Angela Merkel step down after 16 years at help. Therefore the study trip will focus on parliamentary elections. It will reflect on campaigning strategies, voting mechanisms and electorates. It will also discuss theories of election systems and challenges for democracy. The trip aims to equip the students with a holistic understanding of elections, possible hurdles and specifics of the German election system.

The last day will be conducted together with our partner “AlSharq”, a specialist for educational and academic tours. All meetings are taking place online on ZOOM.

Le programme (en anglais) est téléchargeable dans la colonne de droite.


The HCGES reserved 5 slots for students (MA or PhD level) from other DAAD Centers to join the virtual trip. The trip is free of charge.

In order to apply please send the following documents no later than March 31, 2021 to and
Motivation letter (not longer than one page)
Short bio (quarter of a page)
Affiliation to the DAAD Centers’ network (une attestation d'inscription au CIERA vous sera fournie sur simple demande)


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