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The Global Refugee Crisis: What is at Stake?

DAAD fellowships Available To Students to attend A Three week Course  in Haifa, May 12th to May 29th  2017 on  “The Global Refugee Crisis: What is at Stake?”

A special condensed course offered to students of the DAAD centers

May 2017

A Joint project of the HCGES and the CGES

The Haifa Center for German and European Studies and the CGES at Berkeley will conduct a 3 credits / 5 ECTS course on the global refugee crises. The course will take place in Haifa from the 12th to the 29th of May 2017 and will include 24 academic hours of teaching (six sessions of 4 hours each, twice a week), plus several field trips (to the refugee center in south Tel Aviv and to the refugee camp in the Negev) and extra-curricular activities.

The course will survey the most salient issues presented by the current refugee crisis, providing an overview of the global crisis, the crisis from the perspective of the refugees themselves, the impact of the crisis in Israel, Europe, and Germany, causes of the global surge in refugees today, a case study of conflict in Syria, and potential solutions to the crisis as a whole.  The course will be taught by Prof. Beverley Crawford Ames (UC Berkeley) and a number of special guest lecturers.

We invite graduate (and advanced bachelor) students from the DAAD centers to apply for participation in the course. Successful applicants will receive a travel grant, accommodation and half board during the three weeks’ workshop.  Applications should include a motivation letter, CV, study record and one recommendation letter, preferably from the Director of their respective center.  The application deadline is January 31st and applications should be emailed to Cathrin Shalev of the HCGES: cshalev1@univ.haifa.ac.il

Successful applicants will receive detailed information on travel and logistics as well as a detailed course syllabus.

Questions?  Please write to Beverly Crawford Ames at bev@berkeley.edu or Eli Salzberger  salzberg@research.haifa.ac.il


12/05/2017 - 29/05/2017

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