Tiny Campus

Call for contributions: launch of itinerant conference tour of cross-border doctoral student networks between Strasbourg, France & Freiburg, Germany

Pop-up conference days in pandemic times

As a group of early career researchers interested in linking university networks from Strasbourg and Freiburg, we are developing a small-scale format of academic networking. In a collaborative outdoor learning environment around a mobile Tiny House, we will explore the vast field of (new) public methodologies through in-depth workshops and discussion sessions.

We start in Strasbourg on April 27th and will gradually confirm an itinerary of pop-up conferencing days throughout 2022 which will adapt to the cross-border pandemic context. A second date is already being planned for Freiburg.

We are looking for contributions from emerging scholars who are pushing the limits of the ‘traditional’ methodologies of their fields, specifically when dealing with public spaces. Methodological innovations in the social sciences increasingly seek to capture the fluidity of social interactions by shifting from detached research of public spaces to engaged research with the public realm. From arts-based and collaborative inquiry to community engagement and participatory action research; each stop-over on our itinerary provides new methodological experiences and gives opportunities for participants to engage multilingually beyond the logic of indoor conferencing.

Abstracts/ notes of interest of up to 500 words to TinyCampusConference@gmail.com

Deadline for the April 27th, 2022 launch event in Strasbourg: January 31st, 2022

Further guidance and information for participation: www.tinycampusontour.eu

We invite those who are ready to share their own public methodological approaches, those who have tried but struggled, ‘failed’ and learned unexpected lessons, as well as those curious about non-traditional research who have not yet conducted research themselves to apply.

Itinerant conferencing, what for?

We believe that by proposing an experimental idea of itinerant, pop-up conferencing, we can help redefine the terms of participation in the scientific world from an Early Career Researcher perspective. Our flexible format seeks to create an immersive networking venue and takes place in locations that are rarely inhabited by scientific communities. We get immersed as academics in various community locations starting in Strasbourg and Freiburg and link up to the cultural and civic sector locally to meet beyond academic literacy. This series of micro-events is about coming together to celebrate the in-betweens. We are open to your own ideas as contributors and co-creators of each day’s own spatial, temporal, transdisciplinary design.



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