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Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance

Universität Konstanz

The three-year Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance commences in mid-October, at the beginning of the academic year.
In the first year, students take two courses in economic theory, two courses in econometrics and two courses in one of the research fields: finance, labour economics or public economics. Courses can be assessed by means of a two-hour written examination or the lecturer can decide on an equivalent examination form. In addition, students attend two doctoral seminars, which are each assessed by means of a presentation. By the end of the first year, students must have passed the six examinations and two seminars. In addition, they have to submit a proposal for their doctoral thesis, along with the names of their two supervisors whose research is in the area of the planned thesis. The doctoral thesis can comprise at least three connected papers.

In the second and third years, students primarily concentrate on their doctoral thesis. In each of these years, they also attend one doctoral seminar, designed to guide and monitor their research progress. Each seminar is assessed by means of a presentation and a working paper.

Students should complete their thesis by the end of the third academic year. After the successful oral defence of the thesis, the doctoral degree is awarded.

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